TRIM Optimization with TRIM SUITE

T.CON’s new TRIM SUITE is a full-scale optimization application for the creation of patterns and cutting plans for goods in the form of reels and sheets.

The methods a company employs to save money need to be ahead of the competition – With T.CON we will find you ways to save time and money. T.CON’s Trim Optimization enables our customers to reduce trim loss and waste with a fully featured deckle optimization tool. Companies in the mill industry are all struggling with the same problem: manual planning of cutting plans is time-consuming and does not always provide the optimal solution. Employees are busy for hours to optimize one single cutting plan.

What is the solution? T.CON’s TRIM SUITE is the world’s first tool to run natively and fully integrated in SAP. It is fully featured as well as integrated into your work process. TRIM SUITE creates and compares results within seconds, it is easy to use and can maximize savings by defining costs for various aspects of production, including material loss, knife changes, storage or yield.

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  • Checklist for your optimal TRIM Solution
  • Success story | Perlen Packaging: Increased productivity thanks to less waste and lower material costs
  • Success story | delfortgroup implements MES CAT to achieve the intelligent enterprise
  • Success story | 5 years of TRIM SUITE at Steinbeis Papier

TRIM SUITE - trim-optimization - Less trim loss and waste

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  • True optimization by automatically creating patterns and cutting plans (LP=Linear Programming, robust solver)
  • Optimally combine orders
  • Easy to learn with innovative user interface
  • Visually appealing and clear graphical user interface


  • Reduce trim loss/waste with the help of trim optimization
  • Minimize setup times by assigning penalty costs for knife changes
  • Produce the optimum quantity to best serve your customers
  • Reduce stock with integration of existing stock, production or purchases as part of the optimization
  • Avoid mistakes by integrating checks on order attributes and technical restrictions of your resources


  • Integration in PP/DS (APO) heuristics
  • Integration in PP/DS detailed planning board
  • Integration in MES CAT: automatically creates new cutting plans during running production if needed
  • Display cutting plans using combined orders in SAP standard
  • Optional and binary optional planning of orders (stock supplement, future orders)
  • Single stage for reel and sheet (simplex, multiplex)
  • Multiple stage optimization
  • Existing stock and planned production or purchases are accounted for
  • Quality Trim: takes defects of existing stock into account automatically during optimization
  • Automatically create sets of solutions, in dialogue or background
  • Create and compare multiple solutions by varying penalty costs or technical restrictions

[Translate to English:] Verschnittoptimierung für Profile aus Metall oder Holz

Another practical TRIM SUITE application: trim optimization for profiles

Minimize waste on profiles cut from metal, wood or similar materials

The mill industry isn’t the only sector where waste is an issue when cutting up intermediate products. Optimizing trim and minimizing waste is also vital for producers of one-dimensional products such as rods, pipes, cardboard tubes and profiles.

In the SAP world, these are known as ‘Long Products’ and the associated tools are ‘Long Product Planning’ (LPP) tools. And TRIM SUITE is the optimal solution in the LPP world, for any production material – steel, plastic, wood... TRIM SUITE can do it all.

trim optimization for profiles

[Translate to English:] T.CON TRIM SUITE 2.0 jetzt von SAP zertifiziert

Software Demo

How TRIM SUITE works

Multiple stage optimization

Multiple stage optimization | TRIM SUITE - T.CON

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TRIM optimization with a simplex slitter winder

TRIM Optimization with a simplex slitter winder | TRIM SUITE - T.CON

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Quality TRIM


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TRIM optimization with a duplex slitter winder

TRIM Optimization with a duplex slitter winder | TRIM SUITE - T.CON

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TRIM optimization with bobbins cutter

TRIM Optimization with bobbins cutter | TRIM SUITE - T.CON

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TRIM optimization with cross cutter


TRIM Optimization with cross cutter | TRIM SUITE - T.CON

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TRIM SUITE | Hear from Model AG: Optimize Cutting Plans with TRIM SUITE | T.CON

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Webinar: „Hear from Model AG how to optimize cutting plans for efficiency, transparency and profitability!“

The paper and packaging industry has been deeply affected by paperless technology. Differentiation is key. Find out in this joint SAP® and T.CON webinar how T.CON’s trim optimization solution TRIM SUITE can help boost your business. Running natively and fully integrated in SAP®, it gives you flexibility to produce optimum quantities. Firsthand customer experience and a live demo will highlight its saving potential.


Software Demo TRIM SUITE - T.CON


Experience how TRIM SUITE from T.CON can solve your problems with the newest generation of cutting plans quickly and automatically. TRIM SUITE takes advantage of a number of features, options and parameters of your production to provide you with the optimal result. Brad, a T.CON consultant in TRIM and MES, has the pleasure to show you how quickly and easily it is to generate a cutting plan with our solution.


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The T.CON consultants understand the exact requirements for the paper industry. Their familiarity with the industry is part of the reason a tool like TRIM SUITE models our needs so well.


Sönke König, Team Leader for Production Planning at Steinbeis Papier GmbH


A few of our success stories

Steinbeis Papier GmbH

Steinbeis Papier is one of the leading manufacturers in the paper recycling industry in Europe. For many years, they have been using SAP ERP and SAP APO for their supply chain. In 2015, T.CON’s TRIM SUITE was integrated and replaced the outdated solutions for trim optimization and an external MES system.

TRIM SUITE is integrated as useful heuristics in the APO Detailed Scheduling. Cutting plans are seamlessly sent to the MES CAT system for starting production. Without any external interfaces, the full order-to-cash process can be done with standard applications by SAP and T.CON, based on 100 percent SAP technology.

Success Story

delfortgroup AG

Delfortgroup is the world leader in design, development, manufacturing and promotion of thinner, more sustainable and tailor-made speciality papers for the tobacco industry, pharmaceutical and food industry. Delfortgroup AG is based in Traun (Austria). They also produce thin print paper for package information leaflets, religious literature and catalogues as well as label base paper and electrical insulation paper. With over 2,000 employees all over the world, delfortgroup has six production mills in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland and Vietnam with five subsidiaries in Germany, France, Great Britain, the USA and China.

Delfortgroup expanded its business in 2016: Mundet with operations in the USA and Mexico as well as delfortgroup printing services Inc. belong to delfortgroup now. TRIM SUITE was implemented in their site in the Czech Republic in October 2016. Product planning is made in a customized block planning in SAP ERP. Seamless integration of Trim Connector in ERP and planning processes so that best results can be achieved. Entire blocks of orders with up to 80 orders in one cutting plan are daily business. Cutting plans are seamlessly sent to the MES CAT system for starting production.

Success Story

Perlen Packaging AG

Using TRIM SUITE by SAP Gold Partner T.CON, Perlen Packaging integrates its cutting plans in SAP S/4HANA. This means the company is benefiting from an IT-supported, efficient and transparent system, fully coordinated with T.CON's SAP-based MES CAT suite.The result: the pharmaceutical blister packaging manufacturer is increasing productivity in its plants and reducing technical waste and material costs.

“The core objectives of our growth-oriented corporate strategy include continuous optimization of our business processes, optimum capacity utilization in our plants, and a steady reduction in costs”, explains René Kuhn, Head of IT at Perlen Packaging.

Success Story

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